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I specialize in personal essays, travel writing, technical writing, book reviews, and other works of creative non-fiction.

You'll find me with pen in hand in cafés, parks, museums, and on trains. I'll write anywhere! However, my current studio is the second bedroom of my attic flat in Oslo.


To kindle a kinship with my readers, to answer their questions (all of which are also my own). Writing helps me to organize my thoughts and to make sense of things.


Writers spring from a common soil, enriched by all the beautiful, precise, and rousing writing that has come before and that continues to grow around them.


Audrey's interview with British fashion designer Nigel Cabourn, "A Peak into Nigel Cabourn," on the icon's recent collaboration with Peak Performance, is in the Fall 2017 issue of VOLT Magazine. Grab a copy at your local VOLT store. Her essays, articles, and short stories have appeared in a variety of literary magazines and anthologies including, most recently, These Twisted Roots, the third annual anthology from the Oslo Writers' League. Additional Credits


About three years ago I was thrown from a horse for the first time.

I rolled onto my back in the soft dirt of the practice arena, crossing my gloved hands over my chest. The rafters of the roof were dusty and covered with white bird droppings. I couldn't catch my breath. The arena lights were on a timer, and as autumn descended into winter and night began sneaking up sooner and sooner, they had only just flickered on a few minutes before; they were still warming, tinting everything a faded yellow-orange.

I could hear Hollywood's hoof beats drumming away from me and slowing down. I knew I needed to stand up in case he came barreling back my way. I got up slowly, pushing down on my own knees to straighten myself. Sharp pains shot up through my wrists and into my elbows.

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Audrey Camp is a freelance writer and American expat living in Oslo, Norway. She received her BA in English from UC Davis, her MFA in Creative Writing from Lesley University, and her MA in English and American Literature at the University of Oslo. Her work has appeared in a variety of magazines, literary journals, and anthologies, and she received the Irrgr√łnn Flash Fiction Award at the Irish Literature Festival in Oslo in 2014. She is the co-author of Startup Guide Oslo (October 2016) and Startup Guide Vienna (March 2017), each a comprehensive overview of the entrepreneurial scene in a fast-growing European capital. Audrey has blogged about writing, climbing, travel, faith and motherhood for more than ten years at The Girl Behind the Red Door, and she has also written about expat life in a monthly column for The Foreigner. In 2017, Audrey was elected Chair of Democrats Abroad Norway.

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